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Evaluate Classifications

Limited Availability: Classification Tester is a Limited Availability feature. To enable the Classification Tester, contact Skyhigh Support

The Classification tester is a sandbox tool that enables you to evaluate your DLP classifications to detect the required matches. Use this tool to test Skyhigh built-in and custom classifications defined using various conditions. For details on classifications and their supported conditions, see About Classifications.

You can test classifications either by entering text or uploading a file with sample data to generate and view the match results. The match results provide a clear breakdown of matched classifications, including their corresponding details such as match counts and content matches. The Classification tester simplifies the process of validating expected match results to detect sensitive data accurately. This tool allows you to evaluate the accuracy of your classifications and fine-tune them before using them in your DLP policies.

Security Operations Center (SOC) analysts can leverage the Classification tester to test classifications rigorously for expected matches, stimulate real-world scenarios, maintain regulatory compliance, and train new SOC analysts. These capabilities enable SOC analysts to enhance their organization's data protection strategy by minimizing the risk of missed detections and data exfiltration. 

The Classification tester user interface is located at Policy > DLP Policy > Classifications page. You can find the Test Classification option under Actions.

► Advantages of Classification Tester
  • Streamlined DLP Policy Deployment. Test classifications before integration in DLP policies to ensure seamless migration from data identifiers to data classification workflows.
  • Rapid Classification Validation. Quickly test classifications by entering text or uploading files.
  • Enhanced Confidence. Test classifications independently to verify the accuracy of your DLP classifications, building trust in your DLP strategy.
  • Unified Compatibility. Supports classifications for all types of DLP policies across Skyhigh SSE (Sanctioned DLP, Shadow/Web DLP, Private Access DLP, and more).
  • Risk Reduction. Minimize the risk of inaccurate matches, preventing false positives. 


  • While testing classifications, sample data (text/file) is sent to the Skyhigh cloud server to generate the required match results. This data and match results are never stored for future usage.
  • The generated match results assist in refining your classifications. Before using the tested classifications in DLP policies, Skyhigh Security strongly recommends validating the results. For example, verify that the keywords defined in your Keyword classification trigger the expected match results.


Test a Classification

You can test Skyhigh built-in and custom classifications to generate and validate the expected match results. 

To test a classification:

  1. Go to Policy > DLP Policies > Classifications
  2. Select the Skyhigh built-in or custom classifications from the Classifications table. You can choose multiple classifications.
  3. Click Actions > Test Classification.
  4. On the Test Classification page, configure the following:
    1. Classifications selected. The selected classifications to be tested. Click +<n> more (n refers to the additional number of selected classifications) to view the entire list of selected classifications.
    2. Select test method. Evaluate classifications by using any one of the following test methods:
      1. Plain text. Click to enter a comma-separated list of plain text values up to 1000 characters to test your classifications.
      2. Add File. Click to upload a file up to 25 MB to test your classifications. 
    3. Click Test Classification.
      The Classification Tester displays the match results for the test.
    4. Total Classifications matched. The total number of matched classifications based on the sample data.
      1. Classification Name. The matched classifications of the test. Use the < or > arrows to view the additional list of matched classifications. Metadata-type classifications, such as the File Size classification, do not include content matches for the triggered classification.
        • Match count. The total number of matches for the selected classifications.
        • Content Matches. The match highlights for the selected classifications, including highlighted keywords along with the surrounding text.
  5. Click Done.

You can now use the validated classifications in your DLP policies.

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