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Default Rule Sets — Overview

You can view and access the rule sets of your web policy on the Web Policy page of the user interface for Secure Web Gateway. In the navigation panel of this page, they are shown on what is known as the policy tree grouped under parent rule sets. 

The following table lists and explains the rule sets that are available by default after the initial setup. They are listed with their parent rule sets in the order they appear on the policy tree.

Parent rule set Short description, rule set or sets, and more information
SAML Authentication Authenticates users under the SAML authentication method.
Global Bypass Lets requests for web access bypass filtering globally.
HTTPS Scanning Inspects web traffic going on over secure connections.
Global Block Blocks requests for web access globally.
Common Rules Support the filtering process.
Web Filtering Blocks access to websites.
Content Inspection Inspects data that is uploaded or downloaded.
Application Control Blocks access to applications.
Media Type Blocks media types.
Browser Isolation Sends an image of requested content instead of the original content to a user's browser to protect it against web threats. 
Data Protection (DLP) Protects sensitive data.
Threat Protection Blocks malware.
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