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Skyhigh Security

Skyhigh Security Peering Partners

Skyhigh Peering POPs strategically deployed at major Internet Exchange Points (IPXs) globally maintaining more than 2,000 peering connections with more than 1,300 peering partners globally and handles more than half of its global traffic via those peering connections. 

Our analysis shows that almost all traffic between any client and server will cross at least one of those major IPXs in normal, direct routing. This makes them the ideal place to deploy a central proxy server.

Skyhigh Security Peering POP deployments provide advantages that vendors with classic deployment forms cannot offer. This can be achieved by adding a performance-boosting service to its web security filtering.

To check our peering partners, see Peering Partners List Nov_2023.pdf

Please also refer to the Skyhigh Security whitepaper How Peering POPs Make Negative Latency Possible for additional details and insights.