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Skyhigh Security

About Skyhigh Mobile Cloud Security

The Skyhigh Mobile Cloud Security (SMCS) allows you to extend protection to mobile devices using Skyhigh Web Security Gateway Service (WGCS), based on Cloud Application Control policies. After you set up SMCS, software on mobile devices redirects HTTP/HTTPS traffic to WGCS for filtering. Settings that WGCS uses to filter HTTP/HTTPS traffic are configured in Cloud Application Control policies.

SMCS supports Android and iOS devices and third-party Mobile Device Management (MDM) solutions from VMware, Ivanti Neurons, and Microsoft Intune. MDM solutions consist of client software that is installed on mobile devices and server software that administrators configure to manage the devices.


Skyhigh Security Components 

  • Secure Web Gateway (Skyhigh WGCS) — Filters web traffic under HTTP and HTTPS to protect mobile devices operated by users of your organization according to the web policy that you have configured.

  • Skyhigh Security Cloud (Skyhigh Security Cloud SSE)— Provides the user interface for Secure Web Gateway.

  • VPN Gateway — Separates the Mobile Cloud Security infrastructure from the Secure Web Gateway and the Internet. 

User Components

  • Mobile Devices/MDM Client — Android or iOS devices configured as endpoints.

  • Mobile Device Management/Server— Software for managing mobile devices.
    The client software must be installed on the mobile devices.
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