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About Configuring Default Rule Sets and Feature Configurations

Several rule sets are implemented by default on Secure Web Gateway after you have set it up to ensure web security for your organization. 

You can configure these rule sets and their rules to make them suit your requirements. The Web Policy page of the user interface is provided for your configuration activities.

Some of these rule sets rely on components that handle particular jobs for them. These components are referred to as features. A combination of settings for a feature is known as a Feature Configuration.

For example, the Anti-Malware default rule set includes rules for anti-malware filtering. It relies on an anti-malware feature that handles the use of scanning engines, which scan files and other web objects to find out whether they are infected by viruses or other malware.

To configure the settings of this feature, you work with one of the Anti-Malware for GAM Feature Configurations. GAM stands for Gateway Anti-Malware. The GAM engine scans files and other web objects to find about infections.

After the initial setup, the Default Gateway Anti-Malware Feature Configuration is by default available as an instance of an Anti-Malware for GAM Feature Configuration.

You can copy (clone) this default Feature Configuration, modify the settings that are included in this configuration as needed, and configure it to be used for the Anti-Malware rule set instead of the default configuration.

The Feature Config page is provided for these configuration activities. 

For an overview of the default rule sets, see Overview of Default Rule Sets — Old View. For more information about what you can configure on the Web Policy page, see Web Policy Page — Old View.

For an example of how to configure a default rule set, see Anti-Malware.

For more information about Feature Configurations and their default instances, see Feature Configurations.

For an example of how to clone a default Feature Configuration and modify it, see Anti-Malware for GAM  —  Feature Configuration. 

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