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Restore the Default Values for Your Configuration

You can restore the default values for a web policy configuration on Secure Web Gateway. These are the values that were in place after you initially set up Secure Web Gateway.

For example, after working on this configuration for some time, you might wish to abandon what you configured recently and revert to the default values. For this purpose, you can use an option that is accessible over the setup main page.

  1. On the user interface for Secure Web Gateway, place your mouse pointer over the settings icon in the top right corner, then select Infrastructure > Web Gateway Setup from the drop-down menus.

  2. On the setup main page, scroll down to Backup and Restore Secure Web Gateway and click Restore.

  3. On the Restore Secure Web Gateway page, make sure Restore to Default is selected.

  4. Click Restore.

The values of the web policy configuration that were in place when you initially set up Secure Web Gateway are restored.

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