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Skyhigh Security

Reputation, Category, and Geo

Web requests sent to websites having URLs in the configured categories, or having uncategorized URLs, or falling in the risk categories you configure are blocked.

When these rules are applied to a web request and the request is blocked, all further rule processing stops. 

NOTE: From this rule set, you can open and configure the Web Filtering feature. This rule is skipped for private applications. When you have  Skyhigh Private Access license, you can turn on the code view and check this in the Bypass URL Filtering for Private Applications section.  

  1. On the user interface for Secure Web Gateway, select Policy > Web Policy > Policy.
  2. From the policy tree, select Web Filtering > Reputation, Category & Geo.
  3. Optionally configure criteria to limit the scope of this rule set.
  4. Select the web filtering rules that you want to enable. When selected, the rules in this rule set will work as follows:
    • Skip URL Filtering for these domains, hosts or URLs — Skips URL filtering for requests to access the domains, hosts, or websites with URLs in a list you fill with entries.
    • Block traffic for these categories — Blocks requests sent to access web objects with URLs falling under the categories in a list you fill with entries.
    • Block Traffic for these Malware Risk Categories (based on GTI Analysis) — Blocks requests to access websites in the selected risk categories. Websites are assigned to risk categories by Skyhigh Security GTI. Select one or more categories:
      • High Risk
      • Medium Risk
      • Low Risk
      • Uncategorized
  5. When selected, these options handle uncategorized traffic as follows:
    • Block All — Blocks requests to access all websites with uncategorized URLs.
    • Block Only — Select one or more options:
      • Block these Media Types — Blocks requests to access media types in a list.
      • Block Uploads — Blocks uploads to websites with uncategorized URLs.
      • Filter <script> tags — Blocks requests to access websites with URLs that include the <script> tag.
  6. Configure blocking of requests to access websites depending on where they are located. When selected, this rule will work as follows:
    • Block access to all sites in these countries — Blocks requests sent to access websites in the countries that are in a list.
  7. Configure the lists associated with the rules as needed.

Changes to the policy tree, rule sets, or rules are saved when you incorporate them. You can publish them to the cloud or keep working and publish later.

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