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Download Progress

You can enable data trickling and progress pages to improve the user's experience while downloading data that is scanned for malicious content.

Because data downloads more slowly when scanned, we recommend enabling data trickling, together with progress pages. Data trickling keeps the connection to the user alive whendata is downloaded while progress pages show the download progress to the user.

  1. On the user interface for Secure Web Gateway, select Policy > Web Policy > Policy.

  2. On the policy tree, expand the Common Rules branch and select Download Progress.

  3. Optionally configure criteria to limit the scope of this rule set.

  4. Enable these rules to improve the user's experience:

    • Enable Data Trickling — Enables data trickling for data downloads.

    • Enable Progress Page — Displays the progress of the download to the user.

        Configure the following settings to prevent displaying progress pages for some downloads:

      • Except when the destination is an embedded HTML element — Enable this setting to avoid problems with download pages when downloading data where embedded HTML elements are involved. These problems might cause the complete download to fail.

        A problem with the download page will, for example, arise when an HTML page that is embedded in another HTML page gets downloaded. This is due to a security setting that prevents the download page from supporting this kind of embedding.

        Depending on the website, download requests initiated by JavaScript can also lead to a failure when use of a progress page is enabled.

      • Except for these URLs — Specify URLs of websites here if you do not want to have progress pages displayed when data is downloaded from them.

        For example, when the amount of downloaded data is small, a progress page might not be needed.

You have now configured rules on Secure Web Gateway that improve the user experience with data downloads.

When working with this rule set, you can also open the Data Trickling feature and configure more settings for improved user experience.

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