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About Working with Secure Web Gateway

Secure Web Gateway ensures web security for your organization. It provides protection against all kinds of threats that might arise when users of your organization who work with cloud services access the web.

For example, when a user attempts to download a file from the web, this file is scanned after having been received from a web server. If the result of the scanning is that the file is infected by a virus or other malware, the download is blocked. The file is not passed on to the user then.

For some background information about how Secure Web Gateway ensures web security, see Secure Web Gateway Concepts.

After setting up Secure Web Gateway, you can modify its default behavior and configure a web policy that meets your requirements. More information about these tasks is provided as follows.

  • Setup — For information about how to complete the setup, see About Setting Up Secure Web Gateway.

  • Web policy — To configure your web policy, you work with the web policy part of the user interface for Secure Web Gateway. 

    There is an old and a new view of this part of the user interface. Which of the two views is implemented in your instance of Secure Web Gateway depends on when you purchased the product.

To provide protection against web threats in an environment where users work on-prem, Secure Web Gateway is also offered as an on-prem product.

For more information, see the Skyhigh Secure Web Gateway (On Prem) main section of this portal.

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