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Skyhigh Security

Maintaining Your Own Lists and Using Lists Maintained by Skyhigh Security

The lists in the List Catalog are provided as lists that are maintained by Skyhigh Security, which means entries are filled in by Skyhigh Security, and as user-maintained lists, where you fill the entries.

User-maintained lists

Initially, user-maintained lists are empty. To populate a user-maintained list with list items, you can add them individually or import them from a .csv file. Skyhigh Security Service Edge validates all list items and flags invalid items with error messages.

Lists maintained by Skyhigh Security

Skyhigh Security maintains lists for you to use in policies and keeps them up-to-date.

  • Subscribed lists — Are updated dynamically when new information is available
  • System lists — Only occasionally need updating

Lists maintained by Skyhigh Security are populated with list items and cannot be changed or deleted. To identify lists that are maintained by Skyhigh Security, select the name in the List Catalog, then view the URL in the browser address field.

  • Names of subscribed lists — Begin with a corporate name in the URL
  • Names of system lists — Begin with a corporate acronym in the URL

Working with URL category and media type lists

URL category and media type lists consist of list items that are selected from catalogs maintained by Skyhigh Security. When you create these lists, you select the list items from the related catalog:

  • URL Category Catalog
  • Media Type Catalog

When adding items from a catalog to a list, you can select from multiple categories in the catalog. For example, you can create a list named Custom Media Type List and add items from the ArchivesExecutables, and Text categories t the list.

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