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About Configuring Web Filtering

Web filtering is based on evaluating URLs on Secure Web Gateway. It ensures that users who work with cloud services cannot access files and other web objects that are considered a risk for web security or are not allowed because they contain inappropriate subject matter or still for other reasons.

Currently, the databases that Secure Web Gateway retrieves URL-related information from include more than 400 million entries, which correspond to billions of categorized URLs. The web filtering process uses URL category information, together with reputation scores and blocking lists to block or allow web access.

To configure web filtering, the default rule set and Feature Configuration shown below are available.

Configuration item Remarks and more information
Default rule set — Reputation, Category & Geo This rule set is implemented by default after the initial setup. You can configure it as needed, see Reputation, Category, and Geo.
Feature Configuration — Default GTI Setting This Feature Configuration is an instance of a configuration for the Web Filtering feature. It is implemented by default after the initial setup.

You can copy (clone) this default instance and configure the cloned instance, see Web Filtering — Feature Configuration

GTI stands for Global Threat Intelligence.

Secure Web Gateway retrieves URL categories and reputation scores from the Global Threat Intelligence service. The Web Filtering feature handles the retrieval.
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