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Skyhigh Security

Proxy and Customer ID

You need your customer-specific proxy name when you configure a Client Proxy policy, web browser, or operating system to direct web traffic to Skyhigh Web Security Gateway Service for filtering.

The customer-specific proxy is the domain name of your WGCS instance and formatted as c<customer_id>, where:

  • c — precedes the customer ID
  • <customer_id> — consists of 10 digits
  • — is the name of the WGCS proxy service.

To configure WGCS as the proxy server, specify the customer-specific proxy name and port number 80 or 8080.

Customer ID

Your customer ID:

  • Uniquely identifies you in the system.
  • Allows Client Proxy, WGCS, and other web protection components to connect, synchronize, and communicate securely.