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Reconfigure SAML Authentication with Explicit Proxy

If you used SAML authentication with explicit proxy, make the following changes:

  1. Sign in to ePO Cloud.  
  2. Go to Web Protection > Authentication Settings > Authentication > SAML Authentication.
  3. Note and copy settings for each configured SAML Identity provider (IdP): 
    • Domains
    • Request Entity ID (URL)
    • Request Identity Provider (URL)
    • Response settings
      • Response must be signed (checked or unchecked)
      • Assertion must be signed (checked or unchecked)
    • Response Entity ID (URL
    • Response User ID attribute
    • Response Group ID attribute
    • Certificate
  4. Sign in to Skyhigh Security Cloud Cloud.
  5. Configure each IdP to match the settings in ePO Cloud. 
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