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Skyhigh Security

Suspend Policy Enforcement

If a user needs to access or transfer sensitive information for an approved business reason, you can suspend policy enforcement on a standalone or endpoint computer running Windows or macOS.

To suspend policy enforcement, follow the challenge-response protocol provided by the Help Desk software.

  1. User — Opens the Enter Release Code dialog box:
    • Windows — From the Start menu, go to Skyhigh Security > Bypass Skyhigh Security Client Proxy.
    • macOS — From the Skyhigh Security menulet on the status bar, selects Console, then select Client Proxy.

IMPORTANT: While waiting for the release code, leave the dialog box open. If the box is closed, you'll have to start the procedure over.

  1. User — Sends you an email that includes:
    • User name and email address
    • Policy Name and Policy Revision number (copied from the Enter Release Code dialog box)
    • Identification code (copied from the Enter Release Code dialog box)
  2. Administrator — Using the Help Desk software and the provided values, the release code is generated and sent. On Trellix ePO, you can generate the release code on the SCP Administration page.
  3. User — Enter the release code in the Release field, then click OK (Windows) or Release (macOS).

Policy enforcement is suspended for the time period you specified when you generated the release code.

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