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Skyhigh Security

Policy Configuration Issues

Any sort of misconfiguration in the client configuration, bypass lists, secure channels, and so on, can result in errors while handling traffic.

To troubleshoot SCP policy configuration, check the following options:

  1. UDP traffic on ports 80 and 443. If this option is enabled to block, UDP traffic may not be working.
  2. Traffic is IPv6. If this option is enabled to block, IPv6 traffic may not be working. 
  3. Secure Channel. When Secure Channel is enabled in a policy, traffic will automatically redirect to port 8081. But if the port is blocked in your network, the internet will be blocked. 
  4. Block traffic on configured ports until SCP is ready. If the policy has the block option enabled for this option, HTTP/S traffic will be blocked at the start of a session, and SCP may not be in a ready state.  
  5. Bypass list. Check specific domains, IP addresses, ports, or processes. If they are not correctly configured, traffic may not be redirected to the cloud.
  6. Alternate proxy server list. Check specific domains, IP addresses, or processes. If they are not correctly configured, traffic may be sent to the wrong proxy server.

If you have checked the configuration for these problems and the issue still persists, raise an SR with all the important information.

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