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Skyhigh Security

About the Install

Skyhigh Security Client Proxy consists of server and client software, whose deployment details depend on the management platform you are using.

Client Proxy is managed with Trellix onPrem ePO , or Trellix SaaS ePO. While Client Proxy is a managed product, the user or client computers in your organization can be managed or unmanaged.

Server software

The server software adds the Client Proxy server functionality to the Trellix onPrem ePO. Because the server software extends the management platform functionality, it is called the extension software or extension. It is also called the manager.

Client software

Client computers can be managed with Trellix onPrem ePO Managed client computers are called endpoints. Unmanaged clients are called standalone computers.

The deployment of the client software to the client computers depends on whether they are managed or standalone. The deployment of the Client Proxy policy also depends on whether the client computers are managed or standalone.

Client computers Client software Client Proxy policy
Endpoints (managed) Checked in to the Master Repository on aTrellix on-prem ePO server as a package, then deployed to the endpoints Configured in the interface, then deployed to the endpoints
Standalone computers
Separately installed on the client computers Configured in the interface, then exported  to an .opg file for saving locally on the client computers

Deployment details

This table summarizes how the server and client software is deployed when Client Proxy is managed with Trellix onPrem ePO. 

Management platform Server software (extension) Client software (package)
Trellix onPrem ePO You install the extension software on the Trellix onPrem ePO server. You check in the client package to the Master Repository and deploy the package to the endpoints.
Trellix SaaS ePO The extension software is preinstalled on the Trellix SaaS ePO  server The client package is already checked in to the Master Repository. You need to deploy only the package to the endpoints.
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