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Policy Retain and Client Task Data on the SCP Extension

You can retain the policies when you uninstall and reinstall the SCP extension. Select the option Keep policy and client task data on the Policy and Task Retention tab. It is important to ensure that the above-mentioned retention checkbox is enabled so that the policy settings are always backed up in ePO.When an SCP extension is removed, policy settings will also be deleted from the SCP policies, rendering the policies blank. However, the policy settings can be restored once an SCP Extension is installed, as they were backed up in ePO, thanks to the retention checkbox. Policy settings can be restored by duplicating the original SCP Policy if the SCP Extension version is 4.7.0 and below, otherwise, policy settings would be restored without any action.

Enable Policy Retention

  1. Login to Trellix ePO account.

  2. Click Menu and search Server Settings.

Step 1_1.PNG

  1. Search Policy and Task Retention from the Settings Categories list.

step 4_0.PNG

  1. Click Edit.

step 4_1.PNG

  1. Select Keep policy and client task data.


  1. Click Save to save the configuration.


NOTE: If the SCP extension is not working after its upgrade, restart the following services on the ePO server - Trellix ePolicy Orcestrator x x Application Server, Trellix ePolicy Orchestrator x x Event Parser and Trellix ePolicy Orchestartor x x Server.

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