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Skyhigh Security

Create a Client Proxy report (Trellix ePO or Trellix ePO Cloud)

Output in .pdf format the number of endpoints where Client Proxy installation succeeded or failed in the past month.

Before you begin
You must be logged on to the Trellix ePO or Trellix ePO server as an administrator.

  1. From the Trellix ePO or Trellix ePO menu, select Reporting | Queries & Reports.
  2. From the Groups list, select Skyhigh Security Groups | Skyhigh Security Client Proxy.
  3. Click the Reports tab, then click New Report.
  4. From the Toolbox, drag one or more templates to the Report Layout area, then configure and position them:
    • Image
    • Page Break
    • Query Chart
    • Query Table
    • Text

Note: When adding a query chart or table, select MCP: Endpoint Install Success/Failed events in last month from the Query drop-down list.

  1. To customize the report, click these options:
    • Header and Footer
    • Page Setup
    • Runtime Parameters
  2. Click Run to view the report in .pdf format.
  3. Click Save, then on the Name, Description and Group dialog box:
    1. Specify a name and optional description for the report.
    2. Select an existing group or specify a new group.
    3. Click OK.

The Client Proxy report is saved and can be run again.

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