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Skyhigh Security

Key Features

Client Proxy allows or redirects web requests from users based on policies that you configure.

  • Traffic redirection — The software redirects web traffic to proxy servers for filtering according to the settings in the Client Proxy policy. Once the Client Proxy policy is applied, it starts redirecting the traffic even if no user logs in.
  • Location awareness — Location-awareness settings allow one policy to cover users working inside the network, outside the network, or connected to the network by VPN.
  • Centralized management — The software is managed with Trellix ePO SaaS, Trellix ePO Cloud, or Trellix ePO.
  • Browser independence — Proxy server settings are configured in Client Proxy instead of in the browsers running on the endpoints.
  • Transparent authentication — Client Proxy authenticates users without prompting for credentials and passes group membership and other information in metadata that it adds to HTTP/HTTPS requests.
  • Tamper resistance — Users are not allowed to remove Client Proxy software from the endpoint without requesting and receiving a temporary release code from an administrator.
  • Secure Channel — The software establishes a secure communication channel between Client Proxy and Skyhigh Security WGCS for all HTTP/HTTPS requests. This is applicable only for cloud proxies.
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