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Skyhigh Security

Configure the Block List

Each Client Proxy policy is associated with a list of blocked processes.

Before you begin
You must be logged on to the Trellix ePO, Trellix ePO Cloud, or the Trellix ePO server as an administrator.

A process list is a list of processes that run on the endpoints. Windows process names must end with .exe. macOS process names don't require a file name extension.

To reduce the amount of traffic that is redirected to the proxy server for filtering, configure a list of endpoint processes that are blocked from accessing the network.

  1. From the main menu, select Policy > Policy Catalog.
  2. From the Products list, select the current version of Client Proxy.
  3. Click MCP Policy to view the policy list.
  4. Click Edit on the same row as the policy you want to configure.
  5. From the Client Proxy Settings menu, select Block List.
  6. Select an option:
    • Allow traffic to go directly to destination — All processes are allowed to access the Internet without going through a proxy server.
    • Block traffic for all processes (except bypass listed processes) — All processes are blocked from accessing the Internet except for processes on the bypass list.
    • Block traffic only for the following processes — All processes are allowed to access the Internet without going through a proxy server except for the ones on this list. Configure the list using the Add, Edit, and Delete functions.
  7. Click Save.

The block list is saved with the Client Proxy policy.

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