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Skyhigh Security

Remove the client software (Trellix ePO Cloud)

From the Trellix ePO Cloud interface, create and schedule a task to remove the client software from the endpoints.

You must be logged on to the Trellix ePO Cloud server as an administrator.

  1. From the Trellix ePO Cloud menu, select Software > Product Deployment.
  2. Click New Deployment.
  3. Specify a name for this deployment.
  4. From the Package drop-down list, select the version of the Client Proxy software that you want deployed.
  5. From the Action drop-down list, select Uninstall.
  6. Click Select by Tag or Group to open the System Selection window. Selecting a System Tree group results in a continuous deployment.
  7. On the System Tree tab, select My Organization, then click OK.
  8. From the Start time drop-down list, select Run Immediately.

The next time Skyhigh Agent checks for updates, it runs this task and removes the client software from the endpoints.

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