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Skyhigh Security

User Permissions

You manage user permissions by configuring permissions sets in the Trellix ePO interface, one permission set for each role.

The UI comes with predefined roles and permission sets that you can edit. You can also add a role and configure a set of permissions for it.

Administrative users

One predefined role, the SCP Catalog Admin, has all permissions required to create, delete, and manage Client Proxy policies. A full permission set is required to give Client Proxy administrators permission to:

  • Create, delete, and manage
  • Push policies to endpoints
  • View queries
  • Manage Client Proxy extension software
  • Perform Master Repository functions
  • Perform Help Desk functions

Only Trellix ePO administrators have permissions to manage extension software, including permission to:

  • Install extensions on a Trellix ePO server
  • Remove extensions from a Trellix ePO server
  • Update extensions installed on a Trellix ePO server
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