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Import or Export the Alternate Redirection List (Trellix ePO)

You can use the import and export options to copy the alternate redirection lists. After you import or export the alternate redirection list, you can add, edit, and remove the domain names configured in the alternate redirection list. It is a good practice to export the existing alternate redirection list, modify it, and import the file again. Importing an alternate redirection list overwrites all the existing alternate redirection entries. Only .txt file format is supported for import or export options.

The following is a sample alternate redirection list:

type = DOMAIN
  1. From the Trellix ePO menu, select Policy > Policy Catalog > Skyhigh Client Proxy.
  2. Click SCP Policy to view the policy list.
  3. Click Edit on the same row as the policy for which you want to import or export the alternate redirection list.
  4. Under Client Proxy Settings, click Alternate Redirection List.
  5. In the Alternate Redirection List pane, do the following:
    • To export the alternate redirection list, click Export Alternate Redirection List. The browser downloads the alternate redirection list as a .txt file.
    • To import the alternate redirection, click Import Alternate Redirection List.
      •  In the dialog box, click Choose File to navigate to the folder containing the alternate redirection list file. Select the file, then click Open. A confirmation message appears after importing the alternate redirection list.

NOTE: Make sure that the list of domain names in the alternate redirection list is in the correct format. If the import fails, the Import Alternate Redirection List dialog box returns the line number at which the error has occurred. After fixing the errors, you can import the file again.

  1. Click Save.
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