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Hosting a PAC file on Web Gateway

Currently there is no GUI implementation for hosting proxy.pac files on Web Gateway. But, there is a workaround that allows you to host any file on the Web Gateway integrated web server. This workaround enables you to also host a proxy.pac file.

After you have created your proxy.pac file, use the following instructions to host it on Web Gateway:

  1. If you want to host the proxy.pac file on a specific port, specify the dedicated port in the MWG GUI at Configuration, Appliances, File Server.
    • To specify a dedicated HTTP port, select Enable dedicated file server port over HTTP and specify the port in the HTTP connector field.
    • To specify a dedicated HTTPS port, select Enable dedicated file server port over HTTPS and specify the port in the HTTPS connector field.
  2. Use SCP to upload the proxy.pac file to the Web Gateway Appliance on which you want to host the proxy.pac file.
  3. Move the file to the correct folder using the following command:

    mv -i proxy.pac /opt/mwg/files/
  4. Test access to the proxy.pac file hosted on Web Gateway, using the appropriate URL:
    • If you specified a dedicated HTTP port in Step 1: http://<MWG_hostname_or_IP_address>:<dedicated_port>/files/proxy.pac
    • If you specified a dedicated HTTPS port in Step 1: https://<MWG_hostname_or_IP_address>:<dedicated_port>/files/proxy.pac
    • If HTTP GUI access is enabled: http://<MWG_hostname_or_IP_address>:4711/files/proxy.pac
    • If only HTTPS GUI access is enabled: https://<MWG_hostname_or_IP_address>:4712/files/proxy.pac










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