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Restarting SCP Services on Windows endpoint system


These steps will help you restart SCP services on the Windows system using the command prompt.

This guide is valid for scenarios where the SCP policies are managed from Trellix ePO side.

You can skip step 1 and step 5 if the SCP policies are not managed by Trellix ePO


  1. Make sure that Access Protection is disabled to allow restarting the SCP service. To disable Access Protection in ePO, go to Policy, Client Configuration, and deselect Access Protection.
  2.  On the client system, open the command prompt, type the following command
"taskkill /F /IM ScpService.exe", press ENTER.

Don't do this 6 times continuously else MMS will not restart SCP

3.  If SCP is not running use the following cmd to start SCP 

"C:\Program Files\Common Files\McAfee\SystemCore\mmsinfo.exe" -start mfemcp

4. SCP service will be restarted.

5. Enable Access protection again in SCP configuration policy and apply the policy.

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