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Skyhigh Security

Configure Data Trickling

The data trickling feature keeps the connection to the user alive while data is downloaded and scanned for malicious content. Once the scan is complete and no malicious content is found, the data is downloaded at full network speed.

The data trickling settings allow you to control how quickly the data is downloaded to the user. A slower download rate protects the user and the endpoint from downloaded malicious content. A faster download rate might be needed to keep the connection alive.

  1. From the Skyhigh CASB navigation bar, select Policy > Web Policy > Feature Configuration.
  2. Select Data Trickling > Default Data Trickling Settings.
  3. From the Actions drop-down list, select Clone and Edit.
  4. Provide a name for the feature configuration and an optional comment.
  5. Specify the size in bytes of the initial chunk of data that is downloaded from the web to the user. Default: 4096
  6. Specify how many bytes are forwarded to the user for every 1000 bytes that are downloaded and scanned, but not forwarded until the scan is complete. Default: 1
  7. Click Save.

The named Data Trickling configuration is saved.

You can publish saved changes to the cloud now or keep working and publish later.

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