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Skyhigh Security

Control Cloud Access from a User's Personal Device

You can configure an access policy that prevents a cloud user who accesses a service from a personal device, for example, an unmanaged laptop, from downloading content and similar activities. If the user works, for example, with JIRA, atttempts at downloading JIRA content can be blocked.

  1. On the user interface, select Policy > Access Control > Access Policies.

  2. On the Cloud Access Policies page, click Create Policy.

    The Create New Cloud Access Policy page appears.

  3. Under Name, type a name for the new access policy, for example, Block JIRA Download to Personal Device. Under Description, type a short text that describes it. 

  4. Configure conditions for the new access policy.

    a. Under If the following conditions are met, select Service from the first drop-down list in the first row. 

    b. Make sure that is is selected as the operator.

    c. Click the empty field at the end of the row and select, for example, Atlassian JIRA from the drop-down list that
        appears. Then click the + icon at the end of the first row to add a row for the second condition.

    e. In the second row, select Device from the first drop-down list and Unmanaged from the last.

  5. Configure an action for the new access policy.

    a. Under Then take the following action, select Proxy Control from the first drop down list.

    b. Click the empty field at the end of the row and select, for example,  Block Download.

  6. Click Save.

You have now configured an access policy for cloud users working with personal devices. A user who accesses a service, for example, JIRA, from a personal device cannot download any content from this service.

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