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AI RegEx Generator for Custom Advanced Patterns

The Custom Advanced Pattern includes an AI RegEx Generator that seamlessly constructs and comprehends complex Google RE2-compliant regular expressions through a conversation-based interface. You can generate the expressions for the scenarios where Skyhigh’s predefined classifications are absent. The AI RegEx Generator simplifies the task of building complex expressions and it is helpful for administrators who are not familiar with the details of regexes. This approach can minimize the chances of inaccuracies that could lead to false positives or negatives, making it an effective way to ensure accurate results. 

► Advantages of AI-based Regular Expression Generator
  • AI-Powered Expression Building. Harness the power of AI to create intricate expressions effortlessly.
  • Conversational Approach. Seamlessly construct and comprehend complex expressions through a conversation-based interface.
  • Rapid Expression Generation. Quickly produce expressions for scenarios where Skyhigh predefined classifications are absent.
  • Tailored Regular Expression Assistance. Specialized in addressing queries solely related to regular expressions.
  • Precise RE2 Format Suggestions. Provide customers with accurate expression recommendations, exclusively in the Google RE2 format.
  • Risk Reduction. Minimize the risk of inaccurate expressions, preventing false positives/negatives.
  • Mitigate App Blockages. Overcome organizational app restrictions, boosting data admins' productivity.

Important: Do not enter confidential, personal, or sensitive data into the query field. Information you enter is sent to an external AI service to generate the required answers. The AI-generated answers are only to aid the expression building. Before using the AI-generated answer in the regular expressions, Skyhigh Security strongly recommend you to validate the results. For example, confirm that the regular expression used in your classification builder produces the expected results.

Create Custom Advanced Patterns using AI RegEx Generator

  1. Go to Policy > DLP Policies > Classifications
  2. Click Actions > Create Classification
  3. Classification Name. Enter a name for the classification. For example, Confidential Data.
  4. Add description. Enter an optional description to describe its use or purpose.
  5. Category. Select a Category from the list. For example, Sensitive.
  6. Conditions. Click Select Criteria and choose Advanced Pattern. The Select Advanced Patterns cloud card displays.
    • Count each match string only one time. Activate or deactivate the checkbox to count the match string only one time or multiple times. Activating the checkbox helps to reduce the false positives for match counts during the DLP Policy evaluation.
  7. Click New.
  8. Enter a name and optional description for your custom Advanced Pattern.
  9. Click AI RegEx Generator which assists in generating and tuning complex advanced patterns, Skyhigh has provided a chat facility driven by AI to help users build regular expressions. 
  10. On the AI RegEx Generator pop-up, write your request. For example, Give me a regular expression for UK driving license numbers.
  1. Once the regular expression is generated, click Insert RegEx to insert the regular expression into the custom advanced pattern.
  2. The generated regex expressions are added to Google RE2 expression.
  3. Click Save.
  4. The new Advanced Pattern is now added to the Advanced Pattern list. You can use the new Advanced Patterns to create a classification. To create a classification, see Create a Classification.
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