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Skyhigh Security

Cluster Configuration Procedure

You can configure the Central Management functions of Web Gateway to run and administer multiple appliances as nodes in a cluster.

NOTE: By default, appliances are not running as nodes in any Central Management cluster on Web Gateway, so all activities for setting up a cluster must be completed by the administrator.

  1. Choose an appliance in your network that serves as your first node.
  2. Implement the items required for SSL-secured communication between cluster nodes, such as a certificate and a certificate authority (CA) with private keys, on this appliance.
  3. Include at least one more appliance as another node.
    • Implement the items for SSL-secured cluster communication on this appliance.
    • Working on the interface of this or the first appliance, configure at least:
      • Host name or IP address
      • Membership in a network node group

You can also configure:

  • IP addresses and ports for communication between nodes
  • Membership in runtime and update node groups
  • Scheduled jobs
  • Updates
  1. Complete more configuration activities as needed.

For example:

  • Review the settings for Central Management on any node and adapt them to your requirements.

NOTE: If you change the default Advanced Management Settings, make sure that Use unencrypted communication is set in the same way for all nodes.

  • Include more nodes in the cluster.
  1. Save your changes.
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