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Import a Cluster CA and its Private Key

Import a cluster CA and its private key to a Web Gateway appliance for signing the certificate that is generated to ensure secure communication between this appliance and other appliances that are nodes in a Central Management cluster.

  1. On the user interface of an appliance, select Configuration | Appliances.
  2. At the top of the configuration pane, click Cluster CA.
  3. In the Cluster CA window that opens, click Change CA.
  4. Use the Import Certificate Authority for Cluster to import the cluster CA and its private key.
  1. Browse to the location where you stored the cluster CA after generating it, then browse to the location where you stored its private key.

NOTE: This cluster CA must be used for signing the certificates of all appliances that are added as nodes to the cluster.

  1. Enter a password for the private key.
  2. Click Import.

The cluster CA is imported with its private key. The private key enables use of the cluster CA, which then signs the certificate that is created on the appliance.

Together with this certificate, another private key is generated for enabling its use in secure cluster communication, and both items are stored on the appliance.

NOTE: The private key of the Cluster CA is required for enabling its use in completing these activities, but it is not stored on the appliance.

  1. Click Save Changes.
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