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Synchronize lists for your web policy when using a Hybrid solution

You can use lists of web objects that are maintained under Skyhigh Security Service Edge for the on-prem policy that you set up on Web Gateway.

While you are using these lists on-prem, they are synchronized with the corresponding cloud lists. The synchronization interval is set by you.

  1. On the Web Gateway user interface, select Configuration | Appliances.
  2. Include appliances in the list synchronization.
    1. From the navigation pane, select the appliances you want to include here one after another. Complete the following two substeps for each of them:
    2. Select Central Management.
    3. Scroll down to Advanced UCE Hybrid List Settings and select Allow to download UCE Hybrid lists.
  3. Enable list synchronization.
    1. Expand Cluster in the navigation pane on the left, then select UCE Hybrid.
    2. Under UCE Hybrid configuration select UCE Hybrid settings, then select Synchronize lists from cloud.
    3. Move the slider on the scale to set the synchronization interval (in minutes). The scale ranges from 10 to 60 minutes.
    4. If you want to trigger list synchronization manually, click Synchronize lists from UCE.
    5. To use secure connections for traffic going on between Web Gateway and Skyhigh Security Service Edge, select Validate certificate.
  4. Click Save Changes.
  5. Download a synchronized list.
    1. Select Policy | Lists.
    2. Click the Add icon above the list tree. Under Add List in the window that opens, select List content is managed remotely.
    3. Select UCE-maintained list, then click Choose.
      The list catalog opens.
    4. Select and download a synchronized list from the catalog.
      The list is added to the Subscribed Lists branch in the navigation pane according to its type, for example, to the String subbranch.
      The list is synchronized with the list that is maintained on Skyhigh Security Service Edge whenever the synchronization interval you set in step 3
      After opening the list, you can also trigger synchronization manually by clicking Check for New Content.

You can use a synchronized list that you downloaded from Skyhigh Security Service Edge in the same way as a list that you have created on-prem. For example, you can insert it in a block rule to block access to all web objects in a list.

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