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Configure Bandwidth Throttling for Different Network Modes

Bandwidth throttling using classes can be configured for most of the different network modes that Web Gateway can run in as a proxy.

These modes include:

  • Explicit proxy
  • Transparent proxy using WCCP
  • Proxy HA
  • Transparent Router

When configuring bandwidth throttling using classes for any of these modes, you specify bandwidth classes and the network interfaces for the web traffic that these classes are used on.

For the proxy HA mode and the Transparent Router mode, the configuration of network interfaces differs depending on whether you want to configure a particular Web Gateway appliance as a director node or a scanning node.

When configuring a director node, you must specify network interfaces for both incoming and outgoing web traffic. This applies both to configuring an active and a fail-over director node. A scanning node only requires a network interface for outgoing web traffic.

NOTE: IP spoofing must be disabled in the Proxies settings for the Transparent Router mode, as well as for the Transparent Proxy mode using WCCP.

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