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Configure Bandwidth Throttling Using Classes

To configure bandwidth throttling using classes, create bandwidth classes and suitable rules that use these classes.

  1. Select Configuration | Appliances.
  2. On the appliances tree, select the appliance that you want configure bandwidth throttling on, then click Bandwidth Control.
    The Bandwidth Control settings appear in the configuration pane.
  3. Under Bandwidth Control, make sure that Enable Bandwidth Control is selected.
    NOTE: Make sure that any other bandwidth throttling functions on Web Gateway are disabled.
  4. Under Bandwidth Classes, configure the classes that you want to use for bandwidth throttling.
    1. In the Bandwidth classes list, add entries for bandwidth classes.
    2. In the Interface names list, add entries for the network interfaces on Web Gateway that bandwidth throttling using classes are performed on.
  5. Create suitable rules that use the bandwidth throttling events and classes to limit the transferring speed of data in incoming and outgoing web traffic on Web Gateway.

NOTE: When creating a rule, make sure that you only reference classes at the lowest hierarchy level, as only the speed limits configured for these classes are applied to data transfers.

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