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Skyhigh Security

View Security Configuration Audit Errors in Service Management

Skyhigh CASB consolidates and displays errors for IaaS Security Configuration Audit in the Service Management page. You can track the errors based on the severities that are critical and non-critical errors and filter those errors based on the Categories and Account ID. You can also download the consolidated IaaS errors in a CSV file.

To view IaaS security configuration audit errors:

  1. Login to Skyhigh CASB and go to Settings > Service Management.
  2. Under Services, select your service instance. Under Overview > API, click Critical issues or Non-critical issues.

NOTE: Based on the severities of the IaaS error, API displays options as either critical or non-critical issues.

  1. The API status page lists IaaS errors and displays the following information:
  • Severity. The severity of IaaS error classified into Critical and Non-Critical issue. Each IaaS errors are colored based on the severity levels: red indicates critical issue and yellow indicates non-critical issue.

NOTE: For critical issue, Skyhigh CASB recommends to solve the error immediately to perform the further activities.

  • Account ID. The service account ID of the user. You can search the errors based on Account ID.
  • Category. IaaS security audit errors are classified below. You can filter the errors from All Categories menu.
    • Authentication (Not applicable for GCP)
    • Configuration Audit 
    • DLP 
    • Activity Monitoring
    • NRT Authentication (Not applicable for GCP)
  1. Error Message. The details of the error.
  2. Time Stamp. The date and time of the error.
  3. Download CSV. Click to export the IaaS errors in a CSV file.
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