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Skyhigh Security

Integrate Simple Queuing Service

Simple Queuing Service provides a high-capacity throughput queuing service to AWS customers. Skyhigh CASB integrates with SQS by adding to a queue when a Configuration Audit policy is triggered.

Unlike the SNS pull setup, SQS uses a pull operation. To retrieve messages from the queue, you must develop a specific application.

NOTE: As each app that pulls from SQS is custom, we can only provide an overview of the setup.

To integrate SQS:

  1. Create A New Queue in SQS.
  2. Copy the queue's ARN in AWS.
  3. Paste the ARN in the policy page.
  4. IAM permissions are the same as described for SNS.
  5. The message arrives in the SQS queue following a policy incident triggered by the AWS Config Audit.


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