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Skyhigh Security

On-Demand Scans for CSPM

The Skyhigh CASB AWS configuration audit On-Demand Scan applies to ECS and EKS automatically. But first, activate the Policy Templates for CSPM

For details on Container Vulnerability Scans, see About Vulnerability Scans.

Run the On-Demand Scan

  1. Go to Policy > On-Demand Scans
  2. Find the scan Security Configuration Audit Scan for AWS
  3. Click the Scan Name link to view details. 
  4. Under Policies, click + to view all Policies that are used in the scan. 
  5. Click Confirm, then click Run Scan Now. The Scan Estimation will display the time required for the scan to complete. 

View Scan Incidents

  1. When the scan completes, go to Policy > On-Demand Scans
  2. For the Security Configuration Audit Scan for AWS, click the Scan Instances link. 
  3. Click Errors to view the errors you need to correct. 
  4.  Click the Incidents link of the scan you want to investigate. Or Under Item Type, select ECS and EKS items. 
  5. On the Scan Incidents page, select an incident to see the Cloud Card
  6. See What you can do for steps you can take to resolve the incident. 
  7. Click View All Content to see more details. 
  8. Click OK to dismiss the dialog. 


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