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Skyhigh Security

Integrate Skyhigh CASB with AWS Security Hub

When you integrate Skyhigh CASB with AWS Security Hub, Skyhigh CASB converts incidents to the Amazon Findings Format (AFF) and pushes them into Security Hub. You can then view all configuration audits from Skyhigh CASB from the AWS Security Hub console. The integration only pushes incidents to AWS Security Hub and does pull incidents back into Skyhigh CASB.

Integrate Skyhigh CASB with AWS Security Hub:

  1. Log in to the AWS console. 
  2. Search for Security Hub and select it. Then enable Security Hub. 
  3. Leave the defaults and click Enable Security Hub

  4. In the left side menu, click Integrations and go to the page where vendors are listed. 
  5. Search for Skyhigh Security and Enable Integration for
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  6. Contact Skyhigh Security Support and provide your Skyhigh CASB Tenant ID, AWS account ID, and region to enable Security Hub. Once support enables Security Hub, you should start seeing findings.
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