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Skyhigh Security

About Malware Scans

Skyhigh Security Cloud addresses attack vectors using specific Malware On-Demand Scans. You can scan for malware in data stores on Box, Google Drive, OneDrive, SharePoint, Exchange Online, Amazon S3, and Microsoft Azure. Skyhigh Security Cloud sends files that match the selections and built-in heuristics (such as file types, sizes, extensions, etc.) to Global Threat Intelligence (GTI). When there is a malware match, Skyhigh Security Cloud raises an incident with the severity of the malware found.

Additionally, you can run a scan for just a subset of data. Options include:

  • Users: Scan for all users, internal users, external users, or just specific users.
  • Data: Scan all data, or just externally shared data.

For Amazon S3, since there is no concept of a user, Skyhigh Security Cloud scans documents by S3 bucket. For Azure, it can scan Blobs. And for SharePoint it can scan Sites. For all other services such as OneDrive, and Box, it can scan documents by the user.

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