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Skyhigh Security

CNAPP Architecture

High Level Architecture

Simplified high-level architecture view 

  • The agent sends data through the Data Exchange Layer (DXL) to a Point of Presence (PoP).
  • PoP sends to Skyhigh Security. The PoP is the only point of connectivity to Skyhigh Security Cloud.
  • CNAPP supports Linux and Windows workloads.


Management Architecture

The management architecture manages mapping the policies to individual workloads, status monitoring, task creation, status reporting, and task scheduling.

The management architecture has a robust API platform integration, that helps clients connect deeper into CI/CD pipelines.

Visibility control allows you to look deeper into Virtual Private Cloud (VPC) Flow Logs and Cloud Trails and to visualize and analyze data flows.

The management architecture also supports:

  • Rapid and constant changes across the platform.
  • Comprehensive Risk Prioritization across control planes and workloads.
  • API-first mentality for visibility and control.
  • Forward thinking for paradigms like serverless and FaaS.
  • Feature Flags and telemetry.
  • FaaS – Function as a service.


POP Architecture

The POP architecture supports the following:

  • One-click deployment.
  • Extensible, containerized services.
  • DXL Communication for Agent (and other services).
  • Bring Shift Left (CI/CD Workflow), DLP, and other services to the local network/VPC.
  • Built-in scaling, updating, fault tolerance, and troubleshooting.
  • Full support of the hybrid-cloud, multi-cloud, end state.
  • POP exposes the API for CI/CD integration.
  • CI/CD integration downloads the agent, downloads the installation script, then pushes it toward the client workloads, along with client config for DXL.
  • A script downloads a smart installer that will perform checks, and also download necessary agent plugins.
  • The smart installer will always pull the latest agents and plugins.

** Each region will have a different POP installation.


Agent Architecture

The Agent architecture is:

  • Light-weight
  • Based on the very mature OSQuery from Facebook
  • Operate in User Space (as opposed to Kernel Space)
  • Modular
  • Easy Auto Updates
  • Optimized for DC/Cloud
  • Cross Platform

DC – Domain Controller


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