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Skyhigh Security

Enable Configuration Audit Notifications

When you create your service instance, you can configure notifications to be sent based on different Configuration Audit incident severities, as required for your organization. This allows you to avoid being inundated with minor severity incidents alerts. You can configure the severities and email addresses for all accounts or for individual accounts.

To enable Configuration Audit Notifications:

  1. Severity. Select the incident severities you want to be notified about: Critical, Major, Minor, Warning, or Info. 
  2. Do you want to apply these severities to all individual accounts? 
    • Yes. Click Yes to apply the selected severities to all accounts globally. 
    • No. Click No to modify severities for each individual account separately. 


  1. Select the Users to notify for all accounts, or enter a user's email in the text box. 
  2. Click Next to continue the service instance configuration. 
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