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Skyhigh Security

Edit or Delete a Configuration Audit Policy Group

When you create a configuration audit Policy Group, you also have permission to edit or delete it.

Edit the Name of the Policy Group

  1. Log in to Skyhigh CASB.
  2. Go to Policy > Configuration Audit.
  3. On the Omnibar's Filters sidebar, click the Groups tab.
  4. Select the required Policy Group from the My Groups list and click the pencil icon to Edit
  5. On the Edit Policy Group dialog, edit the name of the Policy Group and click Update.
  6. Your Policy Group name is updated immediately on the Groups tab > My Groups list.

Delete the Policy Group

You can delete the Policy Group if it is no longer being used. It will be removed from the Groups list.

IMPORTANT: This action cannot be undone, but you can recreate the Policy Group at any time. 

  1. On the Omnibar's Filters sidebar, select the Groups tab.
  2. Select the required Policy Group and click the pencil icon to Edit
  3. On the Edit Policy Group dialog, click Delete Group
  4. Confirm to delete the Policy Group, and click Delete

Your Policy Group is deleted immediately. It will no longer appear in the Groups tab > My Groups list. 

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