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Troubleshooting Azure CWPP Issues

Where are the error details available in the primary instance?

Error details will be available in the install log located at /opt/.../cwpp/pop/install.log which gets created as soon as installation initiates.

You can check CWPP service logs in the EFS folder (/opt/.../cwpp/pop/PoPDeployment/PoPCreation/azure/EFS/), or the CWPP service logs in Azure Portal through the Storage account created as part of POP deployment. Log files can be viewed and downloaded from the portal.

POP reporting as unhealthy

Heartbeat payload of POP infrastructure and services health details are sent to display the latest status for POP in the Skyhigh CASB user interface. POP sends unhealthy status messages for the following reasons:

  • CWPP POP services are not up and running.
  • Primary instance is not in Running state or not up.
  • Troubleshooting steps to make POP healthy are provided.
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