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Skyhigh Security

Deploy a POP in an Existing VPC

If needed, you can deploy a Point of Presence in an existing Virtual Private Cloud, different from the secure VPC created from the required CloudFormation template.

To deploy a POP in an existing VPC: 

  1. Make sure that your existing VPC has a private subnet, public subnet, security group and IAM role.  The VPN must be attached to an Internet Gateway to connect to Skyhigh CASB.

  2. Add the tag<PoPName> to all these resources with the value as shared. The place holder <PoPName> refers to the name of the POP that you need to create. Ex:, where 'demo1-pop' is the name of the POP.

  3. The Security Group should have all the traffic allowed for the VPC CIDR, and must have an outbound connection open to the world.

  4. Once these things are validated, complete the POP deployment
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