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Skyhigh Security

Content Security Reporter 2.9.1 Release Notes

This release includes Skyhigh Rebranding Changes for Content Security Reporter, support for ePO™ CU14, a fixed known issue, and Upgrade Helper for CSR 2.9.1.

Skyhigh Rebranding Changes

Updated the McAfee logo, name, and copyright with the Skyhigh logo, name, and copyright in the Content Security Reporter.

Due to rebranding changes, upgrading from the old Content Security Reporter version to Content Security Reporter 2.9.1, you will need to use an Upgrade Helper batch file, which will allow you to upgrade to 2.9.1 version without losing any configurations.

For more information, see Upgrade Content Security Reporter to 2.9.1.


Debug the Skyhigh Secure Web Gateway Cloud Service 

The minimum time to collect logs is set to 2 minutes.

For more information, see Configure Log Sources.

Known Issue

Reference Issue description

CSR fails to start after restoring the backup.

While restoring the backup configuration, some passkeys were decrypting with a new key, which produced junk characters. Due to the wrong passkey, the backup restore will fail to load old configurations and fail to access the Report Server Settings page.

As a fix, instead of decrypting the passkey with a new keystore, first CSR will try with the old key, and then it tries with the new key.


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