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Secure Web Gateway 11.1.4 Release Notes

What's new in the 11.1 release

This release introduces new features and enhances existing features.

Radius-based authentication and management of CLI-based administrator accounts

On the Web Gateway user interface, you can as an administrator create CLI-based accounts for other administrators. Each of these accounts works across all the appliances in a cluster or on a standalone appliance. Logon is enabled based on Radius authentication or local authentication depending on the configuration.

For more information, see the Administrator accounts chapter of the Secure Web Gateway 11.1.x Product Guide.

Configurable ISTag header parameters for ICAP server responses

You can choose and configure additional parameters for the ISTag header that is sent in responses to the ICAP clients when Secure Web Gateway runs as an ICAP server. The header can also provide information about the version of the web protection policy that is in place on this Secure Web Gateway appliance.

For more information, see the Proxies chapter of the Secure Web Gateway 11.1.x Product Guide.

Terminating client connections on the command line interface

You can terminate a client connection by running a command on the command line interface (CLI). The reason for terminating a connection might be that the traffic on this connection consumes too much bandwidth.

Event for removing headers based on wildcard matches

Using the Header.RemoveAllWildcardMatchingHeaders event in a rule, you can remove all headers that match a given wildcard from requests and responses sent and received in web traffic that is processed on Secure Web Gateway.

Property for encoding a string under the Base64 method and rendering the result in binary format

Using the String.Base64EncodeAsBinary property in a rule, you can have a string encoded under the Base64 method and the result of this encoding turned into a string of binary digits.

Known Issues and Workaround 

For a list of issues that are currently known, see SWG 11.x.x Known Issues and Workaround

Resolved issues in update 11.1.4 

This release resolves known issue.

NOTE: Secure Web Gateway 11.1.4 is provided as a controlled release.       

For upgrade information, see the Upgrading to a new version provided as a main release section of the Secure Web Gateway Installation Guide. 

The JIRA issue number is provided in the reference column.

Network communication 

Reference Description
WP-4646 An issue with high memory usage that occurred on a Secure Web Gateway for On-Prem appliance has been resolved. 


Reference Description
WP-4238 The rule in the script filter rule set that removes ActiveX objects from Javascript is working fine now. 
WP-4351 A table without a header is no longer recognized erroneously as application/x-compressed-arc.
WP-4650 Random f.txt file downloaded on Chrome\Edge browsers do not occur anymore.


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