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Skyhigh Cloud Connector 6.5.2 Release Notes (Jan, 2024)

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Skyhigh Cloud Connector 6.5.2     

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Log Collector: Converged Logging Client with Cloud Connector LA.png 

The Logging Client is now integrated into Skyhigh Cloud Connector (on-premise) and is renamed as the Log Collector on the Cloud Connector SIEM Integration (Inline) tab (found under Settings > Infrastructure > Cloud Connector > SIEM Integration (Inline)). The Log Collector functions in the same manner as the Logging Client.

The Log Collector collects Debug and Error log files. You can use these files to investigate or to perform analysis with Skyhigh SSE. It can also collect Security Service Edge web access data in your network or feed directly into your reporting and analytics tools. The Log Collector retrieves and stores the logs at configured intervals. You can save the logs to a folder on your local computer or send them to a Syslog server.

The Log Collector can simultaneously download the data originating from different log types such as SWG, Remote Browser Isolation (RBI), Private Access, and Cloud Firewall which eliminates running multiple instances to collect different log types. A single Enterprise Cloud Connector accommodates downloading multiple log types at the same time. 

NOTE: When you install Cloud Connector the Log Collector will get installed automatically. This unified application supports multiple platforms like Windows and Linux operating systems.

The below table represents the Log Collector user interface when the toggle is switched ON and OFF. By default, the toggle will be turned OFF. For details, see SIEM Integration (Inline).

Toggle OFF:SIEM_Integration_Inline_Off.png

Toggle ON:SIEM_Integration_Inline_ON.png

Resolved and Known Issues                    

For details, see Skyhigh Security Cloud Bug Fixes and Known Issues.

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