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Client Proxy 4.5.1 Hotfix Release Notes

About the hotfix release 

Apply this hotfix to support domain and large file downloads when the Client Proxy Secure Channel option is enabled. Also, the NTK driver is removed to resolve network disconnection issues encountered during Client Proxy installation. so, this release is not recommended for customers using Skyhigh Private Access.

Release build

  • Windows -
  • ePO extension -
  • Trellix ePO SaaS -

Note: This hotfix does not support the automatic upgrade of a pre-release software version. To upgrade to a production release of the software, you must first uninstall any pre-release versions.

Resolved issues 

Reference Issue Description
MCP-5219  Downloading large files no longer fails with the Secure Channel option.
MCP-5222 Client Proxy supports the domain with or without the Secure Channel option.
MCP-5230 Resolves an issue where the user failed to delete any orphan or unused Common Catalogs.
MCP-5231 Resolves the redirection issue when the configured proxy is not a cloud proxy. 
MCP-5232 Excluded NTK libraries. This means that the NTK driver is removed to resolve the network disconnection issue encountered during Client Proxy installation. 

Note: Skyhigh Private Access needs NTK driver support, so this hotfix is not applicable for Skyhigh Private Access customers.


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