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Secure Web Gateway 12.1.0 Release Notes

New Features in the 12.1 Release 

Configure Proxy Control X-Cache Header 

A configurable option is now available to either add or remove the Proxy Control X-Cache header in the response. The new setting is located at Policy > settings > proxy control, and the checkbox is called Override X-Cache Header. The setting is enabled by default. For more details, Configure the X-Cache Header in the Response.

TCP Half Close support for TCP Proxy and SOCKS Proxy  

TCP Half Close refers to a TCP connection that is half-closed. So if one participant in a TCP connection has initiated FIN in one direction, then it can still receive data from another participant until the second FIN is received from the other direction. TCP Half Close support is provided for SWG acting as TCP Proxy or SOCKS Proxy. For details, see TCP Half Close for TCP or SOCKS Proxy.

Configure Separate Passwords for SNMPv3 Auth and Encryption 

You can now configure separate passwords for Authentication and Encryption for the SNMPv3 messages. For details, see Configure Event Monitoring with SNMP

Return To Sender 

This feature allows outgoing traffic of SWG to skip default kernel routing. Each reply packet going out

  1. will have same source mac as destination mac in the request packet.
  2. will have same destination mac as source mac in the request packet.
  3. If the reply going out on different interface it came from,  the reply will be redirected to the same interface on which the request came from.
MediaType Detection for InDesign Files  

Media Type can detect InDesign INDD and INDT files and templates. For these file types, the MediaType.EnsuredTypes property contains application/x-indesign. For details, see Media Type Detection for InDesign.

Rebranded SNMP SMI and MIB file with updated Org OID for Skyhigh Security  

As part of the rebranding, a new Object Identifier (OID) has been introduced for Org Skyhigh Security. We are updating the SNMP OID from .* to .*. You'll need to update your management software accordingly if they are referring to these OID. For more details, see Configure event monitoring with SNMP.

Resolved Issues in the 12.1.0 Release   

This release resolves known issues.

NOTE: Secure Web Gateway 12.1.0 is provided as a controlled release.      

For information about how to upgrade to this release, see Upgrading to a New Version - Controlled Release.

JIRA issue numbers are provided in the reference columns.

Web filtering      

Reference Description
WP-2217 The PDF opener now also supports PDFs with versions 2.0.
WP-4536 Client IP or URL to be logged with Kerberos error messages, when authentication logs are enabled.
WP-4859 File previously not getting detected as TTF gets detected correctly as TTF now.
WP-4934 Long list names used when configuring Secure Web Gateway web policy rules are rendered completely in rule sets.
WP-4966 The file opener does not crash anymore when used to parse rtf documents.
WP-4981 Block page now shows URL and category, which was missing after transitioning from coaching block page to URL blocked page
WP-4992 A new media type has been added to detect InDesign documents and templates.
WP-4998 The file opener now supports tar files with pax headers.
WP-5076 The PDF opener function for detecting JavaScript has been improved.

Network communication     

Reference Description
WP-4064 SWG now supports to have different username & password for SNMPv3 Auth and Encryption.
WP-4360 Cluster sync for PDstorage data is not filling up in the provided path /opt/mwg/temp anymore.
WP-4557 No error was found when selecting rule trace even when option Restrict browser session to IP address of user is enabled
WP-4954 Passive FTP is are working as expected now in a HA Proxy setup through Haproxy.
WP-4985 An HTTP2 issue related to a wrong value for connection level flow control has been fixed.
WP-5010 TCP half-close support for TCP and SOCKS proxies to access an application works without issues.
WP-5018 Version discrepancy of DLP system lists no longer occurs after updating SWG 10.2 to 11.2.
WP-5070 A high client connection issue related to URL parsing has been fixed.
WP-5069 SWG now supports different passwords for authentication and encryption
WP-5111 SaaSConnectors are syncing again.


Reference Description
WP-4491 Issue related to LinkedIn video upload with HTTP2 is now fixed.
WP-4664 Update Webgateway to point from existing McAfee based GTI domains to newly migrated GTI domain (
WP-4667 Users can join a Zoom meeting via browser when the waiting room option is enabled.
WP-4724 SWG UI login issue while using Client Certificate for Authentication does not occur anymore.
WP-4840 Update of the CRLs is working normal.
WP-4944 Restore backup are working as expected now, which had happened due to duplicate ID that had been assigned to configuration file.
WP-4988 Files are no longer blocked as corrupted
WP-5020 Core does not crash anymore.
WP-5024 The rsyslog daemon had kept the /var/log/haproxy/ haproxy-info_1.log file open until all disk space had been filled up on a Secure Web Gateway appliance. This has been fixed now and log rotation works fine again.
WP-5074 A core crash issue with the NativeBrowserCA feature has been resolved.
WP-5081 An option to configure addition of X cache headers is added to proxy control configuration
WP-5109 All the logs are rotated as per Log Manager Configuration.

Vulnerabilities Fixed        

Reference Description

WP-4996, WP-4999
WP-5050, WP-5100, WP-5101

This Secure Web Gateway release includes updates addressing publicly disclosed CVEs, regardless of whether a CVE has been shown to impact customers.

The following medium and higher-level CVEs (CVSS 3.0 >= 4) were involved:

  • CVE-2022-40674
  • CVE-2023-0214
  • CVE-2022-21626,
  • CVE-2022-42898
  • CVE-2022-3550,


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