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Skyhigh Security

Logging Client 2.0.0 Release Notes

This release introduces new features and resolves issues.


On the user interface, rebranding measures have been taken to reflect the transition from McAfee to Skyhigh Security. For example, the McAfee logo has been replaced with the Skyhigh Security logo.

More Log Types to Download

Different types of logs, including logs with data originating from web, Remote Browser Isolation (RBI), Private Access, and firewall traffic can now be downloaded, whereas formerly only web traffic data could be logged.  For more information, see Select the Log Type to Download with the Logging Client.

India Added As Log Source

Logs can also be downloaded with India as a log source now. URLs for Secure Web Gateway have been updated.

Log File Concatenation

When log files are saved, they are concatenated.

Scheduling Interval Check

The minimum and maximum intervals that have been scheduled are checked now when log data is downloaded. 

Resolved Issues

The following has been resolved:

  • Writing log data to .csv files does not fail anymore when rule events are pending and no duplicate database calls are made any longer.

  • Some minor customer-escalated issues have also been fixed.
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