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Skyhigh Security

Client Proxy 4.4.0 Release Notes

This release includes enhancements for Skyhigh Private Access on both Windows and macOS. For more information, see Skyhigh Private Access.


Traffic Redirection

Use this option to redirect only selected traffic (traffic from the private application) and bypass other internet traffic. For more information, see Redirect Only Private Access Traffic.

Excludes DNS Resolution Time

Client Proxy now excludes the DNS resolution time while determining the fastest reachable proxy server.

Device Posture Profiles

Supports entering OS version (greater than, lesser than, or the exact version number) for both Windows and macOS private applications. For more information, see Configure Device Posture Profiles.

System Information Metadata

Displays process details (absolute path, hash, signing information), and antivirus details (antivirus installed, its status, and whether it is up to date) for the endpoints running Windows. For more information, see Client Proxy Metadata.

Policy parameters validation

Checks for the configuration of the customer ID, shared secret, and enablement of redirection ports (80 and 443) for the primary proxy server in the new Client Proxy policy. If these are not configured, then Client Proxy does not apply the new policy but continues to use the current policy. For more information, see Configure a Client Proxy Policy.

About Client Proxy Window 

  • About Client Proxy Window keeps refreshing automatically. (Windows only)
  • Displays the following for the private access users (Windows and Mac):
    • PA Access - Displays the SAML authentication status.
    • PA Status - Displays the status of the private application connection.
  • Displays the policy timestamp in the dd-mm-yyyy hh:mm format instead of epoch time. (Windows and Mac)

    For more information, see Access Information about Client Proxy on Windows.

Resolved issues

Reference Issue Description
MCP-4539 Entering incorrect release code no longer crashes the Client Proxy console. (Mac only)
MCP-4730 The connection to private applications based on the RDP protocol failed when configured by using the IP address. This issue is now resolved. (Windows only)
MCP-4809 After rebooting the system, Client Proxy now displays the policy name in the System information header correctly.   
MCP-4893 Client Proxy on-premise extension now saves the changes made to the policy and generates the revision ID correctly.  
MCP-4916 Client Proxy now redirects the traffic and automatically loads the system extensions. (Mac only)
MCP-4917 Client Proxy lost network connectivity after updating the macOS. This issue is now resolved.
MCP-4918, MCP-4919, MCP-4920 Client Proxy now instantly connects to the proxy server after rebooting the system. (Mac only)
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